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    The Projected Cost of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

    This is probably one of the most daunting aspects of recruiting and hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer.  There is the inept fear of hiring a personal injury attorney because of the fees that come with hiring one.  Will the cost of hiring an attorney out-weigh the return of the case?   Can I afford to hire an attorney?  These are just a few of the many questions that many of us must face when considering an attorney.  Rest assured that most personal injury lawyers will accept a case based on a contingency fee.  So, don’t let this become a deciding point in seeking justice in your personal injury claim.  If you truly have a claim and you feel that you are not being treated fairly, seek out the aid of legal counsel.  The contingency fee is quite simple.  This is a predetermined amount of compensation that is due to the attorney if you, the plaintiff, are awarded compensation from the case.  This fee is only due if the case is won.  However, with this said, you may be responsible for certain fees associated with the case such as a filing fee.  The filing fee is paid to the court in which the case is filed.  This fee would even be due if the case is not won.   This tends to be a mute point because most personal injury cases never go to court and tend to be settled out of court once both parties come to an agreement.  In other words, no filing fee would ever be charged.  Be sure to always discuss this with your attorney so that you will know and understand all possible fees. 

    The contingency fee is predetermined before the attorney will accept your case.  This fee varies among lawyers, as well as, state to state.  It usually ranges from 33 to 40% of the compensation that is awarded at the settlement (of course if your case is won).  There may be some flexibility with the fees that an attorney charges.  Some attorneys may allow you to negotiate with them in deciding a mutually agreeable rate.  Top rated personal injury lawyers’ fees tend to be non-negotiable.  However, it can’t hurt to try and negotiate their fee.  The worst they could do is to say no.  If you don’t ask they will definitely not give you a reduced rate.  So, be sure to ask.  You never know until you ask. 

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